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Methacrylic Acid, Glacial


We are a major distributor of Methacrylic Acid, Glacial for Eastern and Western Europe, but with excellent opportunities for export outside of Europe.

Description and uses

Methacrylic acid can be readily polymerized, its presence in copolymers reduces the softening temperature and ardness. It also improves adhesion of surface coatings and adhesives. Because Methacrylic acid is a carboxylic acid, it can be converted by conventional methods into methacrylates, N-substituted methacryl amides, methacrylamide, N-substituted methacryl amides and acryloyl chloride.

Polymers containing methacrylic acid are used in a wide number of applications including:

  • ion exchange
  • surface coatings
  • auxiliaries for leather and textile industry
  • flocculants
  • soil improvers (poly-electrolytes)


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Safety information

Detailed safety information is contained in each material data safety sheet, which can be obtained from our sales offices.

Product details

Product group Functional Monomers
Synonym product Kwas Metakrylowy, Metakrilna kislina, Acid Metacrilic, Methakrylová kyselina, Kyselina Metakrylová, Metakrilik asit, Metakrylsyra, Metakrilsav, Methacrylsyre, Metakryylihappo, Metakrilna Kiselina, Acide Methacrylique, Acido metacrílico, 2-methyl propenoic acid, 2-methyl propenoic acid, Acid Metacrilic
Package Bulk
Packed Materials
Statistics number 2916-13-00(-00)
Cas number 79-41-4
Cus number 19717
EC number 201-204-4
RID/ADR number 8
UN number 2531

Physical properties

Molecular weight 86.09
Specific gravity (20°C) 1.012-1.018
Refractive index Nd (20°C) 1.4321 (at 20°C)
Boiling point (°C/mmHg) 161/760, 124/200
Specific heat (cal/g/°C) 0.5
Heat of Polymerization kcal/mol 15.8
Freezing point °C 15
Vapor pressure 1.3 mbar (25°C)
Viscosity (CPS at 20°C) 1.35
Flash point (°C) open cup 77
Flash point (°C) closed cup 68
Toxity (Acute oral LD50,rats,mg\kg) 2,200
Tg of polymer 185
Solubility (% 20°C) in water miscible


ECEM provides a full range of related products used in the production of adhesives, acrylic resins, paints & lacquers. Please contact us for information about our specialty products.

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